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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day # 7 of advent...some of my favorite resources for all time favorite book I have that I use for ideas is my Pennywhistle Christmas book by Meredith Brokaw. She has some of the most wonderful, simple ideas that you've ever seen. We have a heavenly host of angels that the kids and I made years and years ago that hang in my Hoosier cabinet at Christmas.
I also love the Advent... book that Niki and I purchased together a few years back.
It's called the "the Advent Book" by Jack and Kathy Stockman. Each day you read a part of the story and your child opens a new door. I do this with my kids even now and they aren't allowed to open any doors past the day we're on. They take turns reading the book to me now--it's a Christmas tradition. If we miss a day we just make up the next night.
I have a small book called "Waiting for Christmas" that I have used ideas from for our Christmas celebrations.
My all time favorite Christmas storybook to read to the children is "That First Christmas Day" by Alice Huffaker. The heavenly host is male angels and the storyline is absolutely beautiful. Your children will end up saying the words of the book with you.
I actually used the pictures life size on my Sunday School walls one year and using them as a story line for the nativity each week. It was wondeful! (all done with an overhead projector)
There are so many wonderful things to do with our children at this time of the year. Try something and remember some things won't fly! Some of your traditions will happen accidentally.
One year we had no money at all and Gary was working a long shift so the children and I were alone through much of the Christmas season. I decided to make use of our time alone and do lots of hands on things with the little ones. (They were ages 1-6 at the time.)
One night I planned a Christmas party for Jesus by the lights of the Christmas tree. I made a chocolate cake for Jesus and wanted a hot drink to go with it. All I had was some Tang people had given us, so I heated it and seasoned it a little and we had chocolate cake with hot orange drink. The kids loved it and the next year they wanted the very same thing--hot Tang and chocolate cake! It became a tradition with the older children that couldn't be broken! :)
Get some ideas and then make them fit your budget, your children's ages, your time in life and have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas with them!

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