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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day # 18 of the advent season! we drove to church tonight I absolutely loved seeing all the houses that were lit up. Some elegant, some cheerful, some so neat, some not so neat. Some all one color, some icicles lights, some the new multicolor that are out this year, some large and some small--but all changed the whole look of the drive to church! Isn't it wonderful how the birth o...f Christ brings light into the world.
I'm a traditionalist and my entire world of Christmas lights outside is usually candlelight in luminarias on Christmas Eve and Christmas night. This year I've added some beautiful kerosene lamps to the porch and my husband and John added Christmas lights and greenery to the porch. (that's a first for us!) I must admit it looks wonderful.
When I think of the birth of Christ I think of how low and small the lighting must have been in a stable barn where he was born. Just a small light in a dark stable but the Light of the world was born there that night!
Then I think of the starry night sky that the shepherds were under that was suddenly flooded with the light of angels! I love sitting on the front porch steps in the winter and looking up at the night sky. I think shepherds must have done that a lot. I can't imagine the sky suddenly being filled with light and angels!
I think of the light of the star that led the wise men. It must have been a very special star with a very unique light.
In a few minutes I'll walk through my house and unplug and turn off the lights of Christmas. There are twinkling white lights mingled through the snow of the Christmas village and in the garland around my mirror. There are cheery multicolored lights in my Hoosier cabinet that is full of memories of all my Christmas pasts, there are the lights that cover my Christmas trees, there are the lights in our Bethlehem village and the campfire lights the shepherds have on their green hills, there are the Kerosene lanterns on the front porch and a candle on the mantle....lights out--but I'll go to bed and think on how each of the lights I've seen tonight are in celebration of the King of kings, the Lord of Lords and the Light of this world! And just as the wise men--because I've found Him I now should kneel down and worship Him!
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