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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve....Day # 24 of advent! Today was a wonderful day spent with family and friends. We decided to have our big Christmas dinner today so that we didn't try to squeeze too much into the Lord's Day tomorrow!
Such a wonderful time with a full table and all the blessings that the Lord has given us.
Today made me think of relationships. If our first and most important relationship out or order than none of the rest of our relationships can be right.
Today, on the eve of the Lord Jesus Christ's (God in the flesh) birthday celebration I pray that each and every one of my friends and family have entered into a personal relationship with Him.
He will never leave, forsake or fail us--other relationships can and will, but even though we fail Him, He will never fail us.
If you don't know Him I pray that tonight on this very special night you will turn to Him, confess yourself a sinner and receive His forgiveness and healing of being a sinner and of all your sins. He can and will save you.
Once He has entered your life, nothing is the same--all things are new and it transforms every other relationship you have in your life to something new!
God bless each one of you! May your Christmas be blessed!
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