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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day # 23 of advent….
When my kids were little I’d be in the backyard hanging up diapers and clothes on the clothesline while one little one played in a wagon, another one was playing on the swingset, one of them might be hiding in the tall corn in the little garden we’d planted in the backyard and the baby was at my side in the stroller.
I don’t know how many times people would stop and commen...t on how sweet my life was, how well behaved my children were, how idyllic the scene was that they viewed each day as they walked by our house. I would think in my head when I thanked them, “Yes, it is, but let me tell you it takes a lot of work on my part!”
Today as I scrub bathrooms, make sure the tablecloth is pressed, have the kids get the luminaries ready, make up the gift boxes of goodies for my neighbors, make that last batch of cookies, pies, and mix together casseroles, I am having a wonderful, wonderful time! But tonight, when I collapse on the couch with my heat pad I’ll be reminding myself that this is a lot of work!
It’s worth every minute of it though to have someone pop in and say how good it smells, how pretty it looks, how lovely the candlelight and music is, how good the food is. In my heart I’ll be wishing that it puts a wonderful, wonderful memory of Christmas in their hearts. One they can’t forget it was so special. And that will make it worth all the work involved. If it makes my children’s future, my husband’s present, and draws our friends and family closer in our relationship--it is worth every minute of labor.
Someone has to be the dream-maker. Someone has to take it upon themselves to see to it that the children have stars in their eyes. Not from the abundance of gifts--from the abundance of love and time and heart poured into them. I pray that today you make someone’s dream of a perfect Christmas come true as a result of your labor. There is profit in all labor, you know! Merry two days before Christmas!

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