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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day #20 of advent... Today's thought...being a child. I love being with children--especially during the Christmas season. I love their honesty, their wonder in the smallest things, their laughter and joy, and their tender emotions. I love playing with children and talking to children. My husband says it's because I never have grown up myself, and who knows? If so, I'll keep that quality!
One of the things I've always enjoyed at Christmas is pretending with my children. They are so full of imagination and so fun to pretend with!
At our house this time of year any mouse that comes into our house is killed by the nutcrackers! We've found more than one dead mouse surrounded by the nutcrackers in front of the open cabinet doors!
If a mess is left in the kitchen with fresh cookies on the counter and it happened during the night we know that the dolls have once again been making cookies and since rag dolls don't like to get messy they've left me the dishes!
Why just the other night I could hear whispers coming out of a big bag in my bedroom. I crept out of bed as quiet as I could to was little squeaky voices coming out of the bag that holds the three rag dolls.
"How," said one little voice, "Did we get to be real?"
"I think," said another tiny voice, "it is because we have a heart! See? There's a heart right here on my front! And it has writing on it! Put your ear right here next to my chest and you can hear my heart thumping!"
"Do you think," said the third little voice, "we are going to live in this bag for the rest of our lives?"
"Oh, surely not," said the first squeaky voice. "Surely, because we have hearts and are real, there's a little girl somewhere that will want us and love us!"
But wait, what am I telling this story on here for? This is for the little girls that are getting the rag dolls!
Thanks for playing a little Christmas playtime with Grandma Tami!

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