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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day # 21 of advent....atmosphere! I love atmosphere and Christmas is full of it. This week I actually got out into some of the stores and it's as though they are dressed in their very best for Christmas.
When Gary worked in the Christian school at Bible Baptist Church in Parker City each year we would have a movie that we would watch together for the Christmas celebration. Gary and I got the ...wonderful job of going to Indianapolis and previewing it.
One year we got a babysitter so we could have a Christmas date. When we got to downtown Indianapolis where the office was for the Christian group that had the movies) it started snowing--huge snowflakes!
We were sitting in a little restaurant on the circle eating and looking out the window. There were white carriages pulled by horses taking people on rides in the snow. The windows decorated for Christmas had a special glow through the snow. It was like living a movie you had watched that made Christmas seem magical--but it was happening to me!
That's what I want to do for my family. Today I set up a special little scene for my husband when he came in from work. I'd been doing Christmas baking and set all my baked goods on the table, had John light the kerosene lamp, perked a fresh pot of coffee and had the good smells of supper cooking waiting for him.
His first remarks were about how nice it seemed in the house, how good it smelled and how wonderful the baked goods looked! Mission accomplished.
I'm thankful for all the people in my life, (and the places) that have set up a wonderful atmosphere for me to enjoy. I need to remember to pay that back as often as I can!
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