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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day # 10 of the advent season ...Christmas trees. I love seeing everyone's Christmas tree. I think it tells you so much about their personality.
I would call ours a memory tree or "the children's tree". In our early matrimonial days when there wasn't a penny to spare about three weeks before Christmas I would make a corn starch/baking soda mixture up, roll it out and cut it out with cookie ...cutters--Raggedy Ann's and Andy's, bear, angels, church's and Christmas trees. Then I would paint them. (later the kids helped) I have some of them dated and one of the Raggedy Ann's painted to match Alicia's Christmas dress is dated 1979!
Later Gary would let me buy an ornament in remembrance of each outing we made at Christmas. We have Herr Drosselmeier we purchased after going to see the Nutcracker in 3D, we have a Polar Express watch, we have caroling children, Delft Dutch, ornaments that Asher, Cierra and John painted while we watched Christmas movies, and many more, each with a wonderful memory attached.
As we decorate out tree the kids will say "Remember when..." or they'll ask when we got the ornament. It makes the evening a wonderful Christmas memory ride.
This year John picked out two snowflakes at an evening when we got to use a gift certificate at Cracker Barrel we were given. The snowflakes remind us of our time on the plateau--where we've had more snow than we've seen in years!
Our tree is topped by a paper mache angel that I made a few years back-in search of a male angel! He's not perfect but he is "biblically correct"! :)
At the end of our decorating we put candy canes all over our tree and no one is allowed to touch them till after Christmas. With the older children we always had a candy cane race after we opened packages on Christmas morning.
Our tree is not the prettiest tree in the neighborhood, but to me it's the loveliest tree around because it is a tree that brings my children joy each year as we decorate it. And giving joy is what Christmas is all about!

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