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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day # 19 of the advent season....memories. What are the pleasant memories you have of Christmas' past? If you have them and you sit and think of them it might surprise you that it wasn't usually that great big gift that is your favorite memory.
It might be one of those "golden moments" in time when everyone got in a mood and totally enjoyed themselves. It might be when someone gave you their ...time and attention. It might be the wonderful mood or feeling it gave you when your family repeated a tradition each year.
I can be totally happy at Christmas just walking through a grocery store all decked out for the holiday. I love being with children at Christmas and talking with them. I love everyone getting in a happy holiday mood together, laughing, singing and talking together. I love trying to buy the gift that I think will possibly be the recipients favorite one!
Most of the things I love doing today are tied to a pleasant memory in my past. I think down deep I'm always hoping that in continuing the tradition of pleasant memories I'm making pleasant memories for future generations.
So, when I give art supplies to my grandson that likes to draw it's a memory of my Aunt Wanda keeping me in art supplies.
When I fill my Hoosier cabinet with retro decorations it is in memory of my Grandma's decorations.
When I tell the children stories about their dollies coming alive at night and making Christmas cookies in our kitchen it's in memory of a grandpa who kept us happy with stories.
Memories are a precious way to pass tradition of pleasant things on from one generation to the other. I want some day for my grandchildren to tell their children, "I remember when my grandma..." as an explanation of why they do something each Christmas!

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