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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day # 12 of this wonderful advent season! Joy! What brings you joy during this season?
List them--write them'll enjoy just reading your list next year!
For me here's just a few!
* Walking down the beautiful parkway in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge and stopping in a shop to get a hot cup of cocoa, then walking outside and holding it to warm my hands and enjoy watching the steam go into the cold!
* A table set with china, Christmas glasses, a real tablecloth and cloth napkins, loaded with food and surrounded with friends and family.
*Going outside in the cold and looking in at all the lights and my family.
*Going outside and coming up that steps as though I am my husband and having the atmosphere all ready for him! (smells, sounds and decorations)
*Going into the other room when I have my family here, shutting my eyes and just listening to them. (laughter, music, games, children's voices)
*Watching children's faces during a movie, when they open a favorite gift, when they see lights they love, while we're baking together.
*Watching the Bishop's Wife, It's A Wonderful Life, the Polar Express, the Nativity, the Nutcracker cartoon...(and I'm sure there are more)
*Going into the Christmas store at Pigeon Forge just to see the lifesize nativity
*Our moving nativity here at the house!
*Seeing anyone show Christmas cheer to someone else
*Taking goodies to my neighbors
*Baking, baking, making candy and baked goods (did I say baking?)
*Answered prayers during the Christmas season!
*Reading the Christmas story and imagining I am there.
*Christmas music--and lots of it.
*Going to the pageant in Knoxville--driving through Knoxville's downtown at night on the way and looking at the lights. I even love walking from the van to the building because of the cold! (It makes you appreciate the warmth of the coliseum!)
*Ralph and Pixie's antics during the holiday!
*Hearing the bells on Polar Express when no one else can!

Oh, that's just a few! Isn't Christmas wonderful?

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