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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day # 17 of the advent season! Being a servant...
Today was one of those days that I call a "chasing my tail" days. I never really decided what my problem was. At 10:00 o'clock I was still walking around feeling "muddled" in my bedroom asking myself why I was in my bedroom with a package of frozen pork chops!
The first few hours of my day I received many thoughts that were very full of self... pity. My list exceeded my day and I was running frantically from one thing on the list to the other and getting nothing accomplished! How could people expect so much from me? Who ever thought of all these things to do at Christmas anyway? Was I supposed to do everything around here?
I would like to blame the devil but really it was my flesh a lot more than the devil. Then I realized that I was ruining my day (and my family's) and turned to the Lord for help.
The first word that came to my mind was "servant", and I thought of Mary's sweet words, "Behold, the handmaid of the Lord..." I went over to my work schedule and wrote the word down. I asked the Lord to help me to serve Him, my husband and my family. I asked Him to give me a servant's heart toward all those around me.
I began thinking how it was my responsibility to serve others--from my salvation day till my "graduation day". Do you know it turned my whole day around?
We ended the day with a wonderful pork chop supper with Mike Shockley. Then after supper we ate strawberry cheesecake cookies and pecan pie and played a Christmas Trivia game that Ralph and Pixie left us in the pocket calendar.
We laughed and acted silly (I actually laughed harder than I have in years when I accidentally put the word French in my question to Cierra- What was the nationality of the three _________ (and I said French) hens in the Twelve Days of Christmas!) and had a wonderful evening.
I got everything done that was supposed to be done---there are deviled eggs, a snowman cheeseball, Ham and Roast Beef Wraps, and a Mississippi Mud Cake all sitting and waiting to go to our church dinner tomorrow. The kids all have clothing mended and ready to wear tomorrow. :) The laundry is washed, dried and folded. The house looks very nice (by candlelight) and I ended the day as happy as a lark (or a partridge in a pear) tree instead of being the Grinch like I started out. It all turned around when I switched from being a taker (what about me?) to a giver. Lesson learned (for today)! Thank you, Lord for teaching me about being a servant today-this 17th day of advent.
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