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Wouldn't it be nice to have a letter from mom in the mailbox each time you checked it? Here's a place to check your mailbox for a heart-to-heart talk with mom...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scheduling the week....

I live my life by lists. I don't think I would get one-third of what I accomplish to the finish line if I didn't have my open notebook on the end of my breakfast bar. It isn't fancy but it sure works!
I have typed out a daily agenda. Mine reads somthing like this:

Today's Chores

  • Prayer
  • Bible reading
  • Check calendar for appointments (with blank lines to write them in under this)
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Shine sink
  • Load dishwasher
  • What's for supper? (with lines below it to fill in)
  • Check all hot spots and put out fires (a Flylady term for cleaning up the areas that seem to be catch-alls)
  • 5 minutes room pick-ups LR K DR BR (living room, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms) I circle them after I run through them and pick up clutter and put it where it belongs)
  • Laudry for today (under this I have a line for the name of the load -[darks,lights,towels] and then the capital letters W D F P that stand for wash, dry, fold and put away. I circle these as I get them accomplished.)
  • Drink 64 oz. of water (then the numbers 1-8 so I can circle them as I drink them.)
  • Walk 15 minutes
  • Check trash and empty
  • Cook Supper
  • Write or sew for one hour
  • Zone work (I pick a room to concentrate on for the week and do the extras in--like wash down the cabinets, etc.)

To one side of the sheet I have a little sidebar area with my WEEKLY CLEANING in it. This includes:

  • Launder and change the sheets
  • Carry out all trash
  • Dust
  • Sweep
  • Mop
  • Cull magazines and papers
  • Polish mirrors, doorglasses, computers and TV screens
  • Thoroughly clean bathrooms

I love this list because if I look at a dusty table I can say to myself, ("You'll get your attention on Friday when I dust everything" and then forget it!) You can laugh, (I just did) but this is a major in not carrying around emotional burdens.

Even my lists are my way of not carrying mental and emotional burdens. When I make my list on Monday (and my menus for the week) I am able to leave all the little wool-gathering thoughts on paper instead of asking myself "Now what was that I wanted to pick up at the store? Oh my, what was that I needed to have done by Thursday?" It just eases tension and stress to be able to go pick up the paper laying on my journal where I've listed my entire weeks chores.

The lists I wrote out above are typed and dropped down into sheet protectors. I have a dry erase pen that I write on the sheet protector with and at the end of the day I just wipe the slate clean and am ready for another day!

*Many of my ideas I got from Flylady--check her out, she's awesome on time management in homemaking!

Now for my own little paper list I make on Monday.

On the front of a sheet of notebook paper I write these headings:



This week under KITCHEN I had:

  • Make pie crusts
  • Make pickles
  • Make Brasco Broth
  • Gary's birthday cake
  • 4th of July dessert

Under SCHOOL I had:

  • Asher's summer school
  • Mail umbrella school

Under SEWING I had:

  • Gary's pants (hem)
  • Gary's suit pants (zipper)
  • Culottes, (JB, Briley, Audrey)
  • Baby outfits (embroidery)


  • MP3 player-warranty
  • Pickle recipe
  • Price digestive enzymes
  • Blog (if I have time:)


  • Send thank-you notes (x3)
  • Snail mail (x2)
  • E-mails (personalx1)
  • Call Oriental Trading Co.


  • Play game with kids
  • Gary's birthday (special supper, gift)


  • Sunday School lesson
  • Order crafts (Oriental Trading Co.)
  • Buy snacks for canteen
  • Draw girls for bulletin board
  • Make cabin signs (This is a subject for another blog--My camp theme that my class is loving!)

On the back of that paper I put my menu and my shopping list. We usually head to town on Monday afternoon and I load up our lives for another week at the Neal Parsonage! This weeks menu includes taco salad, Chinese pepper steak, leftover Salisbury Steak (from Sunday dinner--make a big, big Sunday dinner and you never have to cook a meal on Monday evening!:), and grilled ribeye steaks and baked potatoes for my sweetheart's birthday! Desserts are parfaits, Strawberry pretzel dessert, and Pineapple Upside Down Cake for hubby's birthday. All the desserts are scaled down in calories trying to help the family eat a little lighter. Once a month I have "Thrift Week" when I try to spend as little as possible on groceries. I write that on the top of my week so I don't get carried away when I'm planning the menu. All menus are subject to instant change if we find a deal we can't pass up. (And we have a grocery in town that lets that happen pretty regularly!) My husband makes an early Monday morning pass at the local small grocery when he goes to the bank and comes homes with meat deals you wouldn't believe. Today he brought home a beautiful shoulder roast for $1.00 per pound!

Well, that's my little talk on time management! I've practiced it for years now and it really, really works for me. I'd love to hear others ideas that help them to keep time "redeemed".

With love,


Friday, June 12, 2009

A visit from the grandchildren...

My husband went to Indiana to see his mother at the end of May and on his way home he picked up four precious little ones (all but baby Macey) and brought them home to Grandma Tami (and Grandpa Gary) to enjoy for a few days. And enjoy them we did!

I had baked all day getting things ready for them. Everything was baked for grandkids and for Sunday except for the Marble Toll House Squares. These have to be baked by Audrey and her grandma. Audrey is three and when she was still a little thing she and I had our first baking time together.

This day was a precious memory for me. With Marble Toll House Squares you sprinkle the chocolate chips on top of the cookies at the last and then swirl them--hence the word "marble" in their name! Well, I would hand Audrey a handful of chips to put on top of them and she would start to sprinkle them on and then decide to eat them instead. It took some convincing (and quite a few bites) to get the chips where they were intended. Since then Audrey uses the word "baking" to mean "make Marble Toll House Squares".
On her last visit I made the mistake of thinking we could bake something else and within 20 minutes of finishing regular chocolate chip cookies she was asking me when we were going to bake! I have learned that when Audrey asks to bake she is talking about Marble Toll House Squares. She asks me as we are baking them when we're going to get to the part where we sprinkle the chips on top. At the end of a busy Saturday the children were fed Pizzaburgers and fries and Audrey and I had a table full of goodies. Some to eat themselves, some to share in Sunday School and some for our wonderful Sunday dinner. We had Peanut Butter Bars, Hot Fudge Cake, Cinnamon Twist Pound Cake and Marble Toll House Squares. The children always play so well with our children and I enjoyed hearing giggles and talking. I enjoyed sitting on the carport and watching Isaiah learning to ride a little bicycle, (after several crashes!), watching the children play in water and watching them eat supper outside in the warm early summer sunshine. They even were thrilled and amazed when grandma joined them in a game of wiffle ball!

We ended the week by celebrating our Cierra's 13th birthday in the Smoky Mountains at Powell Farms. Jimmy (our son-in-law) was going to be preaching his niece's wedding there and Alicia had found out the farm was available. This place is a child's dream come true because of a private pool in the back yard! It is a perfect place for a family that swims in their culottes and slick pants :)
Thursday we were to head to Powell Farm with the kids and grandkids and the weather forecast said there was a 90% chance of thunderstorms all day with the high only at 77 degrees. Not good for children's morale when they've been sky high over swimming in a real pool!

Thursday morning I prayed and asked the Lord to let it rain all around us but to please keep the storms away from Powell Farms and let us have sunshine. I told the kids about it and they told me that their grandpa had prayed at breakfast that it wouldn't rain.

When we got there--guess what---sunshine! While we were getting them a hamburger at McDonald's one of them said, "Hey, grandma prayed that it wouldn't rain and the sun is shining!" Another one said, "And grandpa prayed at breakfast!"

I told Gary, "That is what I want to be remembered for by our grandchildren--that when grandpa and grandma pray the Lord answers!"

All day we watched storms around us. Grey clouds, thunder, but it didn't rain a drop on us till it was late in the evening and time to call it a day. The sun stayed on us most the day and we had the most wonderful time!

We enjoyed being with Jimmy and Alicia and their children, Gary's dad and AllaDean, his brother Jerry (who just got saved in May!) and our own sweet children that are at home. How thankful I am for this time with my grandchildren that the Lord gave me this summer! Thank You Lord!