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Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Plea for the Broken-hearted mother who's been forsaken...

If I could do it again:
1.  I would always, always make my mother know she was honored and make her feel honored.
2.  I would realize each time I went to say or show a lack of respect I was "sowing" for my future.
3.  I would never have missed a single opportunity to give her gifts and tell her I loved her.
4.  I would realize she was the "guide" of my youth and never have forsaken, ignored or abandoned her guidance.
5.  I would have stayed at her side even more through her illness with never anything but empathy and a helping hand.
6.  I would have paid attention to her every caution, instead of thinking she was a worry-wart and thinking I was smarter than her.
7.  I would have never taken on any practice that would have disappointed her or grieved her spirit.

8.  I would have risen up and called her "blessed" by a holier, closer walk with the Lord.
9.  I would have ditched my superior, know-it-all attitude I had so many times when she tried to caution me.
10.  I would have said, "I'm sorry, you were right and I was wrong." even more than I did.
11. I would have thought more of what I could do for her than what she was doing for us.
12.  I would have lived 100% in a way that she knew she need never fear being abandoned by me because of my love of the world over my love for her.

  If you profess Christ, please don't ever let her shed a tear over you "forsaking" and "abandoning" her with your lifestyle or words.  Don't forsake the law of your mother.  (Proverbs 6:20) because God says it is a light.  To do so is to choose darkness.  My mother always seemed perfect to me, and I always respected her position and role, but I wish I had done it  with more intensity than I did.  The little clips of time I chose to be carnal I know I hurt her and hurt her name.  I wish I could go back and do it right, but all I could do was ask her forgiveness and never repeat it.  If you are out in the world and breaking your mama's heart--leaving her forsaken and abandoned and heartbroken this Mother's Day, I beg of you give her the best gift possible--a repentant child.