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Friday, December 9, 2011

Day # 5 of advent...Make the most of "magic moments". One of our magic moments that has turned into a tradition was one night when we stopped at Krispy Kreme because the light was on and hot donuts sounded good. We had the most wonderful time as a family eating hot donuts in the vehicle as we looked at the Christmas lights in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg and listened to Christmas music.
The time we all got together as a family a bunch of us piled into the van and headed out to see the lights at the park at Pigeon Forge. On the way back my hubby noticed the hot light was on and we did a u-turn and headed back to Krispy Kreme.
The girl at the window wanted to know how many we had "in there" and when we told her she handed Krispy Kreme hats through the window. Everyone put on their hat, Grandpa Charles said he didn't know how safe that many hot donuts were on his lap and we sang Christmas songs as we drove down the parkway looking at the twelve days of Christmas lights.
When we got back to the cabin the junior age girls handed out the warm donuts to everyone. Another "magic moment" with the Krispy Kreme tradition.
This year when I was asking the children what they would like to do during the holiday season one of them said that they would like to go to Pigeon Forge and make a run through the Krispy Kreme while the hot light was on and then look at lights. A wonderful moment that just happened and then turned into Christmas magic for our family.
Those moments happen every year...I hope I never lose the child in me that remembers how to make the most of them when they happen! So if you hear me singing out loud with the Christmas music while I'm out shopping during the Christmas season you know I'm having a magic moment! :)

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