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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day # 14 of advent...I'm beginning to think about Christmas our house there are some things you can't have Christmas without and there are some things that show up some Christmases but not every Christmas!
We went to my Grandma Nelle's on Christmas Eve. I always looked forward to my Grandma Nelle's Date Nut Roll, Divinity, (pink and white), my Aunt Wanda's Cherry Cheesecake dessert an...d my Great Aunt Agnes' Date Nut pudding. These items don't make it to our table every year, but they do show up at times. If I knew my dad was going to be with us I had to make Date Nut Roll and Date Nut pudding!
On Christmas Day we went to my Grandpa andGrandma Mettler's house. At her house I looked forward to her Apple Salad, her homemade caramels (wrapped in waxed paper) and my Aunt Norma's Pistachio Torte. The Pistachio Torte always makes it to one of our Christmas celebration tables!
I make lots of candies and cookies for Christmas. We always have chocolate fudge and peanut butter fudge. Some years we have Buckeyes and some years we don't. This year will be a "don't" year due to the cost of peanut butter! Last year we tried Cake Ball Truffles. We liked them, but not as well as real truffles!
I also love making cheesecakes and our Christmas classic is Chocolate Truffle cheesecake! It's something that has to be on the table for Asher, who is my cheesecake ally! He and I have to have a cheesecake at special occasions.
We usually have cheeseball and crackers. I use a recipe that a dear friend gave me years and years ago. It's still my all time favorite. I usually make my husband some pineapple cream pies, we have a pecan pie, a peanut butter pie and sometimes a chess pie of some sort at the table for Christmas.
Pink salad and Christmas punch are two of my favorite extras I like to make. I especially like having a Christmas punch if we're going to have children at the table.
For our family , Christmas dinner is ham, baked beans, Swiss medley, Sweet Potato Casserole, deviled eggs, cheeseball and crackers, and lots of desserts, candies and cookies. We have other sides usually but that's our classics for the Neal family.
Food is one of the wonderful things that make us family! I love the memories of Christmas past with its tables loaded with food! I am sure that just as I have sweet memories of childhood that I cling to and still try to keep alive my children and grandchildren will too. I think that's a wonderful Christmas tradition!

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