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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day # 22 of advent! It's getting closer and closer! Our Mary and Joseph are on the edge of Bethlehem...we went out and finished up our Christmas shopping tonight.
Today I'm thinking about people's kindness during this season. Because we only have one vehicle we shop as a family. I bought something for my husband in one store and then went into another store and asked them if I could have of their bags to cover his gift with. The girls said "Sure", and acted thrilled to help me.
Then I was at KMart and told the young man I'd like my gift double bagged so my husband couldn't see it. He said, "How about a black bag?"
I said, "Now, wouldn't that be great?"
"Yes, it would," he said, and started putting my items in a black bag! Wonderful!
Everyone I asked for a little help today was so kind. (I even spent about an hour on the phone with customer support and both young men deserve special praise for their kindness and helpfulness.)
I had fun running around the store with items hid under my coat, and just prowling through Big Lots, KMart, Cato's, Dollar Tree and Krogers. I walked through Krogers feeling a little sad that it would be my last trip through the grocery all decked out for Christmas!
So here I am--tomorrow I clean my house, make casseroles and pies and get ready for the holiday to begin! So thankful for excited about my kids presents and company and cooking and candles and tables loaded with food and....(the list goes on and on!)

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