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Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm finally home again after a month of commuting from Tennessee to Cleveland, Ohio to the Cleveland Clinic trying to find some answers to the health problems I've developed since my hospitalization in March 2007 with a bacterial infection called Clostridium Difficile and pancreatitis. Somehow it has left me with a whole new set of problems in my digestive system. Since going to Cleveland it seems the only thing new I've found out is that on top of gastroparesis I now have a small bowel overgrowth and lactose intolerance.
While at Brian and Niki's house in PA I was feeling rather overwhelmed with the whole thing. While trying to sort it all out it was only becoming more confusing. I told the Lord that I wished I could spend the weekend with Frances Havergal. Reading Miss Havergal's writings always makes me see the Lord a little clearer, trust Him a little more, and it always renews a love for the Lord in my heart.
Well, as it turned out little Halle was sick over the weekend and Grandma Tami got to spend Sunday with my granddaughter and Miss Havergal. On top of that the Lord sent snow, snow, snow, which is always therapy for me. I curled up with one of the Havergal books and read to my heart's content between tea parties with Halle and time in the rocker. It was just what the Great Physician ordered.
Before it was time for me to come home (with more questions but no answers) I had peace reigning in my heart again. The Lord gave me many verses that comforted my heart and all week long He kept quoting the verse to me, "All power is given unto me.."
On Sunday my favorite preacher (my hubby) preached a message on the authority of Christ in Matthew 8. He had power to cleanse, power to enable, power to comfort, power to cast out Satanic influence, and power to control the elements. It was that wonderful comforting "witness" of what the Lord had told me all week. Although I don't know what it going on He has it all in control, I just need to yield myself to His control and trust Him that all things will work together for good in my life.
As I've had to do so many times in my life once again I've had to get my mind and heart's focus off the wind and the waves of life and on to the Christ who created them and controls them. He makes no mistakes and has a purpose for each mountain and valley in my life.
How thankful I am that my life has been put into the hands of One who makes no mistakes, makes no wrong decisions, and who I can safely trust to guide me through life.
I pray that each of you who are going through a trial or valley will keep your eyes on Him who is faithful. If your faith is low or weak may I encourage you to make this a week of reading every passage you can find on His power and authority. Tell Him you yield yourself to Him to have complete authority in your life to cleanse, enable, comfort, cast out anything that might be Satan's influence in your life and take control over every circumstance in your life. He will not fail you if you yield to His authority and the result is great peace and joy!

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