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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Wow, I haven't written since August!  Part of that is because of trying to keep priorities in line and the other part is poor health.  I have been fighting a losing battle with some health issues for five years and they've had the upper hand for several months now. 
   There've been a whole lot of reshuffling of our lifestyle here at the Neal household since I've been ill.  The kids now have to fix their own breakfast--something that has never taken place in this home.  The children are doing almost all of the laundry, and they've taken over any task that requires bending or twisting.  They've done fine with it, their mother has had a harder time letting go.  But when I think on "these things"-"whatsoever things  are true , whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue , and  if there be any  praise , think on these things." then I see to every dark side of this there is a silver lining in the clouds.
   Tonight is a sleepless night and I've been thinking on the many wonderful works the Lord has carried out in my life.  I decided to declare these works publicly to bring him all the honor and praise He so rightly deserves! "We will not hide them from their children, shewing to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, and his strength, and his wonderful works that he hath done." (Ps. 78:4)
  The first work the Lord did in my life was making me aware of His presence.  When I was a very small girl I began to be aware of my sin, of heaven and hell and of my need for a Saviour.  We lived in a house next to the Christian school we attended.  In that house I have such sweet memories. 
  I remember my mother sitting on a little footstool in front of the radio listening to Back to the Bible, Chapel of the Air.  Oliver B. Greene, and Lester Roloff. 
   I remember my dad telling us we needed to pray for milk and having us kneel by the couch and pray.  We each prayed and then my dad prayed, and prayed and prayed....and then there was a knock on the door!  There stood our school principal with a gallon of milk under each arm.  He told us his parents' cows had given too much milk that day--could we use a couple of gallons?  I stood there thinking, "God is real!  He heard my dad pray and He is real!"
  I remember my dad resting in the window seat reading a newspaper.  I asked him if he would pray with me that I wouldn't go to hell.  He laid the paper down and prayed with me.  I didn't get saved that day, but I was waking up to my need for salvation.  How thankful I am for parents who not only professed to know the Lord, but lived a life that made a little girl have childlike faith in the truths of the word of God.
  The second work was the most miraculous work--my salvation!  My dad was pastoring a small church in Kansas City, KS.  The morning I got saved he had a guest speaker, who preached on Calvary.  I could draw a picture of the Christ he portrayed that day in his message, hanging on the cross and dying for me.
  When the invitation was given I wanted to go forward, but I was afraid.  So I reached up and took my dad's hand and asked the Lord to save me and come into my heart.  Oh, what joy!  I remember telling my little Catholic friend Mark about what happened to me.  We were kneeling by his couch as I explained salvation to him and told him Jesus was knocking on his heart's door but he had to let Him come in.  His mother was standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes and listening to what I was telling Mark.  I've often wondered if that testimony bore fruit in their lives later.
  I wrote my parents a letter filled with the joy of my salvation...

From Tammy to daddy and Mommy
Jesus Jesus how I Love him!  isn't he wonderful to us.   I can't wate till he comes.  I just can not wate!  Amen! 
I thank the Lord tonight that We do not have to go and make a bomme house and be afrade and die.
Jesus is good to us.  I am glad I got saved!  I whoud be died because sinners die each day.  I was a sinner wonts.  but now I am god's child and saved with him.
Some day I will die and go to heaven to be with my heavenly father. and I will be glad.
isn't he wonderful wonderful wonderful isn't Jesus my lord wonderful sents that day on the cross that he died to save the lost isn't Jesus my Lord wonderful!  priase God.
for God so loved the world!  that he gave his only begoten son!
that houe so ever believeth in him
shoud not perish! but have ever lasting life!
I am so glad that Jesus died for me!  Because we do note have to die on the cross!  he is so good too us.  that we could stay alive.

  Some of my doctrine needed a little work, but I knew I was a sinner who had a Saviour! 
  Once again, how thankful I am that I had parents that valued my salvation above any possession the world offered.  They had us faithfully in the house of God hearing the word of God and my eternal destination became safe forever as a result of their faithfulness to the Lord and His word.
  That's chapter 1 of His faithfulness in my life...there's a whole lot more coming!




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